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A Year-End Letter from Chris Strachwitz — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for your work, Chris! I will try to give if I can. I love the Blues…tortured my wife (German…lol) on our honeymoon with two straight nights at Legends in Chicago. I am in Schweinfurt, Germany…retired from the US Army in 2012. I met some of your family in Gotha a few years back…had a blast! It was a going away party for the Bundeswehr unit going to Afghanistan and we were invited to attend. Anyway, thanks for your lasting contributions to some fantastic music!

  2. Thank you Chris for all of the wonderful work that you do. The music world is better off for it!

  3. Chris,

    I’m sure you will appreciate that I can’t donate, because I don’t have any damn money, and it’s because I’ve spent much of what little I did have on records that your company manufactured. On top of that, I have been so captivated by them that I have learned many of the songs off various ones and use them in my so-called act, which nets me tens of dollars.I promise, I’ll send som when I got some.

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