Interview with Fred and Rose Maddox and Maddox Brothers & Rose Photo Gallery

New Maddox Brothers and Rose photo gallery and interview.

Listen to Fred and Rose Maddox as they reminisce about the Maddox Brothers and Rose and celebrate over 50 years in the music business. Then view over 30 photos spanning the early career of the Maddox Brothers and Rose. The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band in America and certainly the roots of Rock ‘N Roll.

Fred & Rose Maddox
Fred & Rose Maddox Interview

Maddox Brothers and Rose Photo Gallery

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I have just discovered Rose Maddox, been listening to her all week. “Philadelphia Lawyer” is a terrific story-song! And “Tramp on the Street” made me weep. I feel pain for Rose, she worked, you know, right up until she died in her late 70s, was not wealthy, and in her gruff way I think really, really missed the stage, the travel, the performances, and the group. RIP Rose Maddox.