J.D. Miller and Abe Manuel talk about Harry Choates

Harry Choates
Dessau Hall, Austin, TX

J.D. Miller and Abe Manuel talk with Chris Strachwitz about Harry Choates

(40:17) LISTEN HERE: J.D. Miller and

Interviewed by: Chris Strachwitz
Location: Louisiana
Language: English

Record producer J.D. Miller and Cajun musician Abe Manuel talk with Chris Strachwitz about the legendary cajun fiddler Harry Choates.


This is an unedited interview originally recorded for research purposes. It is presented here in its raw state, unedited except to remove some irrelevant sections and blank spaces. All rights to the interview are reserved by the Arhoolie Foundation. Please do not use anything from this website without permission.

Thanks to Wade Falcon with his help identifying the people and places in the photographs below.

Harry Choates, Johnnie Mea Smyrle (Manuel), Joe Manuel, Eddie Pursley, B.D. Williams at Speedy’s Broken Mirror Club – Sulphur, LA
Amos Comeaux (“Como”), Junior Keelan, Harry Choates, Johnnie Ruth Smyrle (Manuel), Ronald Ray “Pee Wee” Lyons, unknown
Julius “Papa Cairo” Lamperez, Harry Choates, Joe Manuel, Eddie Pursley, Johnny Crain possibly at the Hollywood Club, Rayne, Louisiana, possibly December 1946
Harry Choates with his wife Helen
Helen & Harry Choates


Harry Choates KWBU
Francis “Red” Fabacher, Ronald Ray “Pee Wee” Lyons, Johnnie Ruth Smyrle, Harry Choates, Amos Comeaux, Curly Maples at KWBU
Harry Choates death certificate


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