Dl Menard Interview, 1983

When I first met Marc he was traveling extensively with DL Menard, Doc Guidry, and sometimes Dewey Balfa. They called themselves The Louisiana Aces. DL was always ready to tease everyone and laugh. He was such a character. He was also a wonderful songwriter. I visited DL a lot at his house and his wife Louella would always have something good on the stove. She taught me how to cook okra. DL and Louella also came to parties at Marc’s father’s outdoor kitchen and at Savoy Music Center. He was rock steady on the guitar, a great singer, and full of funny stories.

-Ann Savoy

DL Menard
Photo by Ann Savoy
  • DL Menard, 1983 00:00
Interviewee: DL Menard
Interviewer: Ann Savoy
Date: October 3, 1983
Location: Louisiana
Language: English

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