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Brothers Alvin, Glenn, Keith and Derrick were the driving force of the church band at the House of God church in Perrine, about fifteen miles south of Miami, Florida, where their father, Elder Robert Lee served as pastor.  Alvin played bass or guitar and Glenn picked a beautiful red Emmons double-neck pedal steel, as Keith and Derrick belted out soulful vocals.  Instrumentalists Alvin and Glenn were endlessly creative in their efforts to introduce new sounds into the church repertoire, and many of the tunes, rhythms and riffs they composed have since become standards among House of God musicians.  The Perrine House of God developed a national reputation for featuring some of the most exciting and innovative music among House of God churches.

Following Glenn‘s tragic death from cancer at age thirty-two in 2000, Alvin added nephews bassist Alvin “L’il Al Cordy, Jr., drummer Earl Walker, and Glenn’s protégée, young pedal-steel sensation Roosevelt “The Doctor” Collier to form the Lee Boys band.  Under Alvin’s direction and management, the Lee Boys rapidly became a favorite at festivals and concerts throughout the US and Canada.  Alvin is dedicated to taking the soulful and inventive music of the Lee Boys—the music he, his brothers and nephews have been playing all their lives—beyond the four walls of the church.  

  • RS-065 Alvin Lee Interview 7/11/06 00:00
  • RS-066 Alvin Lee Interview 2/23/06 00:00
Interviewee: Alvin Lee
Interviewer: Robert Stone
Date: 7/11/06, 2/23/06
Language: English

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