Arhoolie Foundation Receives NEA Grant to Increase Public Access

It’s our great honor to announce that we have received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to continue our work of creating curated online access to treasures from our archives.

National Endowment of the Arts logo in honor of their grant to the Arhoolie Foundation to create public access to roots music, blues, cajun, zydeco, jazz, tejano and norteno music

Their announcement states, “These digital and physical offerings are not only a celebration of the sounds of roots music itself, but provide entry into the cultures that have shaped them, practiced them, and passed them on…Regional music is inextricably tied to the people who create it, from their beliefs and histories to the food they eat, the work they do, and the weather outside their door.

For those from a particular community, listening to music of that community can be a homecoming of sorts, serving as an aural link to familiar ways of life, and as a point of connection with their heritage…Discovering Arhoolie can be just as meaningful for those who might be approaching a certain musical genre as a stranger. As outsiders listening to the music of a particular place, we’re given an intimate invitation into another culture, which can bring a new sense of appreciation for a community different from our own, and illuminate our shared humanity.”

Our vision is for this website to serve as a virtual museum, shining light on our diverse musical heritage and the power and beauty of regional and roots music. We thank the NEA for its unwavering support and encouragement.



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Buenas tardes para mí es un honor que su Fundación incluya en sus Archivos Música del Trio Los Cometas. Yo soy hijo de uno de los integrantes Mi Padre tocaba el Acordeón, Mi Tio Pablo la Guitarra, mi Tío David primera voz y las Maracas y finalmente El Patriarca del grupo Mi Abuelito Martín tocando el Contrabajo. Si usted gustan en Facebook hay una página que cree donde está toda su historia y fotos. De antemano les agradezco este Gran Honor que la Fundación nos distinga en sus Archivos Gracias