Ramiro Cortés Interview

Ramiro Cortés talks to Chris about his years as Lydia Mendoza’s impresario. Just after quitting his job playing baseball for the Coca Cola company, Ramiro Cortés was looking for work, and proposed that he take Lydia Mendoza out on tour. Just after she agreed, her family was in a tragic car accident, and Lydia lost her sister. After pulling back from the spotlight for 5 years to grieve, Ramiro organized her reentry onto the public stage. As big of a star as she was, it proved to be a challenge at first, because according to Ramiro, many people had assumed that it was Lydia who had passed in the car accident, as opposed to her sister. Cortés relates several amusing anecdotes about being on tour with Lydia, including an incident in Sonora, Arizona where an old woman hit Ramiro over the head in the lobby of the theater where Lydia was performing, because she was convinced that the real Lydia Mendoza had died in the car accident and that he was scamming the audience for money using a faux Lydia.  She beat him repeatedly with the handle of her umbrella until blood from his head poured onto his suit and he was rushed by an ambulance to the hospital where he was treated with three stitches. Ramiro explains in the interview that things like this happened all the time. Listen to him speak candidly in these interviews about his time on the road with Lydia, which he describes as a years long “beautiful episode” of his life.

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Interviewee: Ramiro Cortés
Interviewer: Chris Strachwitz
Date: 7/23/1984
Language: English

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