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1998 – Graz, Austria

Harry Choates

Tales of Harry Choates

Listen as record producer J.D. Miller and  musician Abe Manuel talk with Chris Strachwitz about the legendary Cajun fiddler Harry Choates. Choates had a unique style that combined Cajun music and Western Swing, and was best known for his 1946 hit recording of Jolie Blon. Listen to the interview here..


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R.I.P. Paul Oliver

Chris Strachwitz — "Paul was a remarkable person and devoted educator who taught me so much and inspired me to become serious about the music and the musicians who continued to create the Blues and who were willing to record for my microphone with which I attempted to document their ever changing music yet which retained a marvelous tradition". ...read more...

D.L. Menard Interview

D.L. MenardChris Strachwitz, Maureen Gosling, and Les Blank talk to the late D.L. Menard about his first guitar, Cajun music, meeting Hank Williams, world travel, song writing, and making chairs in this 1988 interview. Click here to listen.

Down South 1960 — The beginning of a record label.
In the summer of 1960 Chris Strachwitz took the first of many trips that would start his long career as a "song catcher".  He wrote about his journey in an article for the International Blues Record Club Bulletin shortly after his return to California where he would issue the first Arhoolie Record  "Mance Lipscomb - Texas Sharecropper and Songster".  His travels and encounters with Mack McCormick, Bill Quinn (Gold Star Records), Paul Oliver, Mance Lipscomb, Bob Pinson,  Lil' Son Jackson, Jasper Love, Bo Carter, Gus Cannon, Clifton Chenier, Sam Chatman, Black Ace, the Hodges Brothers, and others describe a world long gone .  Read the article...

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