Raza, Accordions, and Rock!

Raza, Accordions, & Rock is a monthly show hosted on the Dublab website to spotlight the many untold stories hidden within the grooves of the Strachwitz Frontera Collection.  This series will highlight the importance of the collection by carefully curating twelve monthly 2-hour shows using the music that is archived and sourced from the Strachwitz Frontera Collection. The music played in this series will focus on the intersection of the African-American diaspora, American Pop Culture, and the Mexican-American experience thru the musical lens.  We’ll examine how R&B, Soul, and Rock existed in the musical history of recorded music sung in Spanish or English and or a combination of both.


2/26/2023: First Dublab Show!

3/26/2023: Dance Crazes

4/23/2023: ¡Viva La Mujer!

5/28/2023: Falcon Records

6/25/23: Latin Soul

7/23/23: Instrumentals

8/27/23: Bilingualism

Chris and Antonio


Juan Antonio Cuéllar Frontera Collection Curator, a role he recently transition into from being the Head Digitizing Engineer for The Strachwitz Frontera Collection, the largest collection of Mexican and Mexican American recordings in the world. Since 2002 he has personally listened to and digitized over 130,000 songs.

Born in Los Caños, Aguascalientes, Juan Antonio immigrated along with his family to Northern California to start a new life. A musician since childhood and avid record collector, he played the trumpet and the Valve trombone. From 2002-2015 he played and toured with San Francisco bilingual punk band La Plebe, called “one of the Bay Area’s most exciting independent bands” by El Tecolote1 and voted “Best Poder to the People” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Juan Antonio completed the final stages of digitizing the collection in February 2022. After 21 years of absorbing the vast historical and cultural knowledge contained in this one-of-a-kind archive, he is excited to share his expertise and passion and spotlight artists and songs that have laid dormant and out of the public eyes and ears.

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