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Tough, strong-willed and big hearted, Jeannette Davis Eason was a truly remarkable woman and a major factor in Willie Eason’s success as a musician and businessman.  She was born into a poor family in the rural central Florida town Longwood in 1937.  Working as an itinerant farm laborer, as a girl she was the primary income producer for her family—her father was an abusive alcoholic.  She married Willie Eason in 1956, and they had eight children.  Dedicated to nurturing young people, Jeannette and Willie informally adopted twenty-four children and young people who were in need of a home.  Together the Easons owned and operated three Fat Willie from Philly take-out barbeque restaurants simultaneously, owned and managed 280 rental units, and produced large concerts featuring top gospel stars in the 1950s and 60s.  When Willie suffered from Alzheimer’s in his later years, Jeannette was a key source of information concerning her husband’s colorful life.

– Robert Stone

  • RS 038-039 Jeannette Eason Interview 1/18/06 00:00
  • RS 040-043 Jeannette Eason Interview 1/20/06 00:00
  • RS 044 Jeannette Eason Interview 1/24/06 00:00
Interviewee: Jeannette Eason
Interviewer: Robert Stone
Date: 1/18/06, 1/20/06, 1/24/06
Location: On the telephone
Language: English

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