Barbara Dane Documentary Film

The Arhoolie Foundation is proud to sponsor the production of the new documentary film The Nine Lives of Barbara Dane on the life and music of Barbara Dane.

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Filmmakers Maureen Gosling (This Ain’t No Mouse Music, Burden of Dreams) and Jed Riffe (Ishi, The Last Yahi, The Long Shadow) have joined forces with producer (and daughter of Barbara Dane) Nina Menéndez (Tropicola), and cinematographer Ashley James to begin production on a feature-length documentary, The Nine Lives of Barbara Dane.

The Nine Lives of Barbara Dane (working title) illuminates the true story of Barbara Dane, a trailblazing woman and an unsung hero of American music: blues, jazz and folk singer, social activist, wife, mother of three, world traveler, feminist, record producer, maverick and general troublemaker. Barbara Dane, a fiercely independent woman, born in the 1920s, took the power of her voice from the bright lights of jazz and blues celebrity to the tumultuous streets of 1960s America, paving her own way with her art, in the service of social justice, civil rights and peace. Still going strong in her early 90s, Dane’s dynamic contemporary life offers a jumping off point to recount how she turned many setbacks into opportunities, and provides deep inspiration for generations of musicians and activists.

The Chambers Brothers, Pablo Menéndez, Bonnie Raitt, Gary Giddens (jazz critic), Estela Bravo (Cuban filmmaker), as well as archival footage and music of Jessie Fuller, Louis Armstrong, Pete Seeger, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Earl “Fatha” Hines and much more.

Your donation will help us finish the film: continuing editing, sound mix, color correction, music rights and more. Thank you!

Donate to the Barbara Dane Film.

Barbara Dane & Bob Dylan - Photo_ Courtesy The Barbara Dane Legacy Project
Barbara Dane & Lightnin' Hopkins - Photo Credit_ Chris Strachwitz
Barbara Dane PETE 1975 - Photo_ Courtesy of The Barbara Dane Legacy Project
Barbara Dane - Photo Credit_ Erik Weber

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