Frontera YouTube Channel – Listen to over 34,000 songs from 78RPM records

The Frontera Collection YouTube  Channel started uploading videos in April of 2018 of the music from The Arhoolie Foundation’s Strachwitz Frontera  Collection of Mexican American and Mexican Music. As of November of 2019 we have successfully uploaded over 34,000 songs from our collection of 78rpm recordings, dating back to 1905. We have now started to upload the over 57,000 songs from our collection of 45rpm recordings.

We upload 99 songs every day, have had over 5,000,000 views, with over 6,300 subscribers and thousands of comments. Visit the Frontera Collection YouTube channel.

The Arhoolie Foundation’s Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican and Mexican American Recordings is the largest repository of commercially produced vernacular recordings of Mexican, Mexican American, and other Latin American music in existence. The nearly 170,000 recordings in the collection were made primarily in the United States and Mexico, and were issued on 78rpm, 45rpm, and 33⅓rpm (long-playing, or LP) phonograph records, cassettes and some un-issued reel to reel master tapes. The earliest recording was made around 1905, and the most recent recordings were released in the 1990s. The Frontera Collection is unique because of the depth and breadth of each section, and because many of the recordings are irreplaceable. This archive was collected by Arhoolie Foundation Founder Chris Strachwitz over the past 60 years. He has donated the entire collection along with thousands of photographs and other related material to the Arhoolie Foundation.

Digitization of the Frontera Collection began on October 15, 2001 as a joint project of the Arhoolie Foundation, The Chicano Studies Research Center at the University of California Los Angeles, and the UCLA Digital Library and their Frontera Collection website.


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Thank for keeping me in the loop. Always looking for classics to give AirPlay.
Thanks again
Al Jonusas

My father, Julian Hernandez, was a singer, songwriter and was sought after for his unique style of playing the bajo sexto by popular conjunto musicians. I have a lot of vivid stories to share with the interested regarding growing up a poor Spanish, indigenous latino in the west side of San Antonio, Texas.
I am trying to gather as much information about the conjunto group by the name of: Los Huracanes de tejas with Pepe Sampayo. Please respond. I am the first son of Julian Hernandez. My name is Alex Hernandez. Thank you

My grandfather Martin Hauffen was a guitar player in the 1920’s in the Madrugadores Banda. Our family has pictures but no music of his, is their any way we can purchase copies of his music?

los hermanitos cordova are my cousins, still alive and kickin… they recorded a 3rd record, I believe with a different record label… wondering if you might have any info or access to that 3rd record… thanks for putting them out there, you’ve brought alot of joy to our hearts

Accompaniment Y Los Fantasticos with Bonifacio (Curly) Martinez
Looking for all his music
(956) 407-0472