Frontera Collection ¡En Vivo! / March 4, 2021

Artist Spotlight: El Dueto Azteca

In this week’s show, we spotlight one of the most popular Duetos in the Frontera Collection. El Dueto Azteca was Guillermo Quintero and Maria Padilla who had amazing careers before they got married and started singing together as the Dueto Azteca! Come join us as we take a musical journey featuring the music of El Dueto Azteca!

En este show, destacamos uno de los Duetos más populares de la Colección Frontera. ¡El Dueto Azteca eran Guillermo Quintero y María Padilla, quienes tuvieron carreras increíbles antes de casarse y empezar a cantar juntos como el Dueto Azteca! ¡Vengan a disfrutar este viaje musical con la música de El Dueto Azteca!


When/Cuando: Thursday/Jueves 3/4/21 6-8 pm PST
Where/Donde: Frontera Collection YouTube Channel
Who/Quien: Digitizing Engineer/Ingeniero de digitalización – Juan Antonio Cuellar


Song Artist Accompaniment
Muy Despacito Shorty And The Corvettes
La Caminadora Mary Rios El Trio Los Continentales
Polka Texas Los Tigres Del Norte
Chichirigui Hermanas Ramos El Patero Y Mariachi Nacional De Arcadio Elias
El Kranke Esteban Jordan
Hasta La Tumba Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Norteño
Corazon Enfermo Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Chapala
Desolacion Dueto Azteca
Voy A Tomar Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Los Reyes
Mexicano De Verdad Dueto Azteca
Regresa A Mi Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Los Reyes
Mas Linda Que Una Flor Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Los Reyes
El Cuervito Y La Paloma Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Los Reyes
Sonora Querida Dueto Azteca
Doce Cascabeles Dueto Azteca
Yerbabuena Dueto Azteca Los Charros De Ameca De Roman Palomar
Preso Me Llevan Dueto Azteca
No Me Comprometas Dueto Azteca
Solo Y Triste Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Mexico De Pepe Villa
Maquina 501 Dueto Azteca Los Charros De Ameca De Roman Palomar
On Ta Tu Orgullo Dueto Azteca
Cuando No Toca Llorar Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Mexico De Pepe Villa
Aquella Cancioncita Dueto Azteca
Gabino Barrera Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Mexico De Pepe Villa
Los Que Cruzaron Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Mexico De Pepe Villa
La Rosa Y El Jazmin Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Azteca
Paleta Manito Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Mexico De Pepe Villa
Tres Minutos Dueto Azteca
Clavel De Primavera Dueto Azteca El Mariachi De Rafael Arredondo
RinSin Salida Dueto Azteca
Quien Pudiera Dueto Azteca El Mariachi Azteca
Lucero Negro Dueto Azteca
Desolacion Dueto Azteca
Tu Eres Para Mi Los Caminantes Canta: Mingo Saldivar

Statement on the passing of Chris Strachwitz

Arhoolie Records Founder
July 1, 1931 – May 5, 2023

We celebrate the life of our founder, friend, and great record man Chris Strachwitz. He died peacefully at home in Marin County, CA, surrounded in his last days by dear friends and family. Over his 91 years, Chris captured the music that represents the best “down home music” the world has to offer.

He was at the forefront of nearly all the roots revivals over the last 60 years including blues, zydeco, Cajun, Norteño and Tejano music. His drive to document traditional music helped introduce the nation to our diverse musical heritage. He had the foresight to save music that might have otherwise been lost to obscurity and played a role in strengthening cultural traditions through his records, films, and most recently the Arhoolie Foundation. He cared for those around him, fought for royalties and recognition for Arhoolie artists, and provided counsel to countless musicians, writers, film makers, and academics.

Plans for a public celebration of his life will be announced in the coming weeks. Today we’re thinking of all that Chris brought to our lives and the lives of the musicians and fans with whom he shared his passion.