Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White Interview

“They say love will never die, just like a flower, and I believe it too.”  

– Bukka White, from the interview below

“‘I just reach up and pull them out of the sky – call them sky songs- they just come to me.’ That’s how Bukka White described his music making. His performances were not polished, finished, slick tin pan alley songs but marvelous, on the spot creations – images and recollections as they come to the artist’s mind. He was a man with one of the most vivid imaginations I ever had the pleasure of recording. When I first met Bukka here in Berkeley, CA., I was immediately impressed by his overpowering personality. He was intense and full of life – it had to come out of him – and slowly I found out what Bukka was like.”

 – Chris Strachwitz, from the liner notes for Bukka White’s album Sky Songs, Arhoolie CD-323

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Interviewee: Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White
Interviewer: Chris Strachwitz
Language: English

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