Harry & Tony Balfa Interview, 1984

I had known Tony for years and had travelled with Marc, Dewey and Rodney when Tony was playing with them on the road. Tony was a kind, gentle soul like his father Rodney. I interviewed Harry to learn more about Rodney since Rodney had died. In fact, Marc and Dewey and I were together in St Louis where Marc and Dewey were playing at a festival at the Arch when Dewey‘s two brothers, Rodney and Will, were killed in a tragic car wreck. It was a horrific moment.

-Ann Savoy

Harry Balfa
Photo courtesy of Harry Balfa
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Interviewee: Harry & Tony Balfa
Interviewer: Ann Savoy
Date: January 12, 1984
Location: Harry’s house in Basile, LA
Language: English

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