Dewey Segura, 1985

Dewey and Euphemie Seguara

I had been loving the early 78 recordings of Dewey Segura for years, so when my friend Cajun musician D.L. Menard told me he knew Dewey and where he lived in New Iberia I asked him if he would bring me there. I met D.L. at his house in Erath and we went together to the Segura house. Dewey’s daughter was there taking care of him since he was nearing one hundred years old. He sat in a chair outside and spoke French to me and played me songs. At that time I not only was photographing the artists I interviewed but also filming them so I took a really nice video of Dewey playing music and talking. I also took some portraits of him. 

– Ann Savoy

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Interviewee: Dewey Segura
Interviewer: Ann savoy
Date: September 15, 1985
Location: his home, New Iberia, LA
Language: French / français

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