Dennis McGee Interview

Dennis lived in Eunice and was a constant visiter at Marc’s store, Savoy Music Center, and also at our house. Since he was the best living example of early Cajun music he was in high demand among musical historians and with young Cajuns and outsiders who wanted to learn the roots of the music. Dennis, as a young man, had learned his music from a 100-year-old man. He knew hundreds of songs, most of them requiring a lot of skill to play. He was a character, a flirt, and a wild man. I knew him at the ages between 80-95. I did several interviews with him which revealed many fascinating stories about the early days in and around Eunice.

Dennis McGee
Photo by Ann Savoy
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Interviewee: Dennis McGee
Interviewer: Ann Savoy
Language: English, French / Français

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