On Blind Uncle Gaspard

I drove the two hour trip to the Avoyelles region in search of traces of Blind Uncle Gaspard and Delma Lachney. The recordings of Blind Uncle Gaspard had always been my favorite Louisiana recording due to their uniqueness and haunting, strange quality of sound. I was lucky to find some of the people who Blind Uncle had lived with and who had know Delma Lachney and from these interviews pieced together the lives of these two artists who had ended up recording together in the 1930’s, though they didn’t normally play music together.

– Ann Savoy

  • Addie Guillory 00:00
Interviewee: Addie Guillory
Interviewer: Herself
Date: –
Language: English
  • Dan Duplantis on Blind Uncle Gaspard 00:00
Interviewee: Dan Duplantis
Interviewer: Ann Savoy
Date: September 9 1986
Language: English

These are interviews originally recorded for research purposes. It is presented here in its raw state, unedited except to remove some irrelevant sections and blank spaces. All rights to the interview are reserved by the Arhoolie Foundation. Please do not use anything from this website without permission.

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