Strachwitz Frontera Collection Catalog

This is a catalog of all of the recordings in the Frontera Collection, currently over 175,000 songs from 78s, 45s, LPs, Cassettes, original master tapes and CDs in the Arhoolie Foundation’s archive (updated April 2020). Although originally focused on the border music of the United State and Mexico, it now contains music from all of Latin America.

For more information about the recordings and to hear them, go to UCLA’s Frontera website. You will also find articles about the music, musicians and record labels there.

You can listen to many of these recordings on our YouTube Frontera Collection channel.
Click on the “+” symbol next to the Label name for more information about the recording.
You can search specifically below, or globally in the search box above the list. Sort the columns by clicking on the ▲ .
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