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Calvin Cooke lived most of his life in Detroit and is now retired to the greater Atlanta area.  As his family first belonged to the Church of the Living God and later joined the House of God, he immersed himself in the steel guitar musical traditions of both denominations.  Felton Williams served as a steel guitar mentor to Calvin Cooke, Sonny Treadway and Ron Hall when they were teens.  For years, Ron Hall backed up Calvin’s innovative steel guitar playing for worship services, and the two developed a special musical synergy.  Calvin is also a talented singer and songwriter, and his wife, Grace Cooke, frequently sings with him.  Since retiring from his job at a Chrysler auto assembly plant, he has toured extensively with his Sacred Steel Ensemble, played as an opening act for Robert Randolph, and most recently, performed with Chuck Campbell as the Slide Brothers.

– Robert L. Stone

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Interviewee: Calvin Cooke
Interviewer: Robert Stone
Date: 6/12/2002, 8/4/2003, 2/22/2006, 8/7/2003, 9/5/2007
Location: Telephone interview
Language: English

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Calvin Cooke Interview Transcripts:

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