Marc and Ann Savoy Photo Gallery

By the early 1980s, Chris was a regular guest at the Savoy home in Eunice, which became his home base for musical excursions around Southwest Louisiana. Marc, Ann, and their growing family always made “Uncle Chris” feel right at home, and Chris was always drawn back to Eunice by their warm hospitality and the lively gatherings they hosted, where he could always count on good food, good music, and good company. Thankfully for us, Chris’s camera was never far from hand during these visits. The result is a rich collection of photographs documenting his time at the Savoy house through the years. From quiet moments around a gumbo pot to big communal jams in the yard, Chris’s photos capture the way that music and community were woven into daily life at the Savoy house. With appearances by Michael Doucet, D.L. Menard, Queen Ida Guillory, and Santiago Jimenez Jr., these photos are a wonderful document of Marc and Ann and their world, and of a family home that became a central to the ongoing preservation of Cajun music and culture. 

The gallery below features some of these photos taken at the Savoy house in Eunice, along with various concert photos of the Savoys and photographs from Chris and Marc’s 1990 “accordion” trip to Austria and Germany.

Statement on the passing of Chris Strachwitz

Arhoolie Records Founder
July 1, 1931 – May 5, 2023

We celebrate the life of our founder, friend, and great record man Chris Strachwitz. He died peacefully at home in Marin County, CA, surrounded in his last days by dear friends and family. Over his 91 years, Chris captured the music that represents the best “down home music” the world has to offer.

He was at the forefront of nearly all the roots revivals over the last 60 years including blues, zydeco, Cajun, Norteño and Tejano music. His drive to document traditional music helped introduce the nation to our diverse musical heritage. He had the foresight to save music that might have otherwise been lost to obscurity and played a role in strengthening cultural traditions through his records, films, and most recently the Arhoolie Foundation. He cared for those around him, fought for royalties and recognition for Arhoolie artists, and provided counsel to countless musicians, writers, film makers, and academics.

Plans for a public celebration of his life will be announced in the coming weeks. Today we’re thinking of all that Chris brought to our lives and the lives of the musicians and fans with whom he shared his passion.