Frontera Collection ¡En Vivo! / September 29, 2022

Artist Spotlight: Pedro J. González

  Rumbo a California

This month’s Frontera Collection ¡En Vivo! we present and highlight our new online exhibition, Rumbo a California: Making Mexican Music in the Golden State, which examines the rich history of how record labels documented music, and social issues in California over the last 100 years.

Rumbo a California uses music, photos, videos and downloadable song sheets to chronicle aspects of Mexican music and social life in twentieth-century California. From the earliest musical entrepreneurs of Los Angeles to the prolific output of the independent labels, the exhibit highlights how Mexican musicians in California have influenced the evolution of mariachis, documented working class struggles, and pursued social change through song. The exhibit showcases how these artists have blended Mexican musical traditions with a creative energy that is distinctly Californian.

We will examine the life of Pedro J. Gonzalez, leader of Los Madrugadores and political activist who was sentenced to prison on trumped up rape charges! Come and have a listen to Pedro J. Gonzalez’ contributions to California’s musical landscape.

When/Cuando: Thursday/September 29, 2022 at 6-8 pm PST

Where/Donde: Arhoolie Foundation YouTube Channel

Who/Quien: Frontera Collection Curator – Juan Antonio Cuéllar