Chuck Guillory Interview

Chuck Guillory
photo by Chris Strachwitz © Arhoolie Foundation

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Interview with Chuck Guillory

“Since I was four, five years old I liked music. I’d rather play music than eat.”
“George Jones, I’m the one who put him where he’s at…That man was poor. He begged me to play. I didn’t need him, I had a 7 piece band. I hired him anyway…five dollars a night…After the dance he would just sleep on the table ‘til daybreak and get a ride back to Beaumont. “

LISTEN HERE: (20:20) Chuck Guillory

Interviewed By: Chris Strachwitz
Date:  October 1, 1987
Location: Phone call from California to Louisiana
Language: English
Original Media: cassette

This is an unedited interview originally recorded for research purposes. It is presented here in its raw state, unedited except to remove some irrelevant sections and blank spaces. All rights to the interview are reserved by the Arhoolie Foundation. Please do not use anything from this website without permission.

Some interviews contain potentially offensive language, including obscenities and ethnic or racial slurs. In the interest of making this material fully available to scholars, we have chosen not to censor this material.

Chuch Guillory & friends
Chuck Guillory & friends
photo by Chris Strachwitz © Arhoolie Foundation

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