The Chris Strachwitz Archive – Home Videos

We are calling these “home videos” since they were never intended to be released  (although the audio was used on a few Arhoolie albums). As soon as small, portable video recorders were available, Chris Strachwitz carried one on his travels. First Video 8, then Hi-8, then early digital, and now HD digital. Shot at a restaurant, from the audience, in the field, at a party, or in a living room, the circumstances for capturing the image and the sound were not always optimal, but he captured an amazing array of musicians.


Amari Szi Amari   –   1999

Sonny Simmons with Michael White
& Fredery Harris  – 2000

Los Pingüinos Del Norte “Prenda Del Alma” – 2000

Danny Poullard & Friends
“Gran Nuit”

The Savoy Family Band
“La Danse Carrée/McGee’s One-Step”

Los Campesinos de Michoacán “Tu Delirio” – 1987

Canray Fontenot with Michael Doucet
– 1993 –

Los Pingüinos Del Norte “Juan El Valiente”

Hermann Härtel Group
1998 – Graz, Austria


Unknown Group
Zakopane, Poland – 1993

Dewey Balfa “Fiddle Sticks”