Freeman & Canray Fontenot & Bois Sec Ardoin Interview

I had interviewed each of these men separately but gathering these three men together was primarily done so I could photograph them for the NTCA. After the photos were taken, they came inside for a visit and Marc asked them questions in French about their worlds. It was interesting to listen to them interacting, sharing stories.

-Ann Savoy

Freeman Fontenot, Canray Fontenot, Bois Sec Ardoin
Photo by Ann Savoy
  • Freeman & Canray Fontenot & Bois Sec Ardoin 00:00
Interviewees: Freeman & Canray Fontenot & Bois Sec Ardoin
Interviewer: Ann Savoy
Location: Ann’s House in Eunice, LA
Language: English, French / Fran├žais

This is an interview originally recorded for research purposes. It is presented here in its raw state, unedited except to remove some irrelevant sections and blank spaces. All rights to the interview are reserved by the Arhoolie Foundation. Please do not use anything from this website without permission.