Bébé Carrière Interview, 1983

I clearly remember going to Bébé’s little house in Lawtell to interview him. He was a handsome, light skin creole, tall and slim. He had a gentle, slow way of talking. On another day I went back to visit him and his brother Eraste to film them playing music and take photographs of them in sunlight because Bébé’s house was a bit dark. I had brought my baby son Wilson along since I didn’t have a babysitter and Bébé’s wife Emily held him while I filmed Bébé and Eraste.

-Ann Savoy

Bébé Carrière
Photo by Ann Savoy
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Interviewee: Bébé Carrière
Interviewer: Ann Savoy
Date: July 27, 1983
Location:  Bébé’s Home in Lawtell, LA
Language: English

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